(PROBLEM) Arbirate Review: Interest From 6.2 percents Daily for weekdays and 3.1percents daily for weekends for 21 days

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  • Official launch: 5/11/2020 20:00
  • Payment systems: Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ripple , Dogecoin , Tether, Tron, Dai (DAI), Chainlink, Perfect Money .
  • Min invest: 0,005 BTC, 0,15 ETH, 30 DAI, 4 LINK, 1 LTC, 0,2 BCH, 200 XRP, 10000 DOGE, 1000 TRX, 30 USDT, 30 $.
  • Min withdraw: 0,001 BTC
  • Profit withdrawal : Manual – up 24h
  • Profit accrual:: 7 days / week


The project has dynamic marketing, which offers depositors to receive daily returns or receive profits and a deposit at the end of the term. The peculiarity of the daily rate is that on weekdays, participants will earn a higher percentage, which will decrease on weekends. Despite this, the investment conditions look quite attractive and in fact they will be able to show themselves from the good side.

Daily rate

  • Yield percentage: 6.22% on weekdays and 3.11% on weekends
  • Term of the deposit: 21 days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 30
  • Total earnings: 11.6%


If you are new to hyip or want to optimize your investment, you should join all of our teams, do not put your money in the dark before you invest. In our video below for a better understanding of each type of hyip, slow down and listen before rubbing down with yourself.



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Arbirate com is an overseas mid-income fund with dynamic marketing and ample opportunities for investors. The main feature of the project is that users can increase their earnings through the system of boosters, which are purchased when a certain amount of investment is made into the project. Marketing has a dynamic percentage that will decrease on weekends, in addition, it is possible to choose not a daily rate, but a shorter after-plan.

Reviews about arbirate com appeared not so long ago and there are very few of them, in addition, there is information that the fund is working without buying advertising. Such a smooth start will only have a positive impact on the development of the site, it is obvious that it will be conducted at the international level, so we can expect good prospects from the fund. Taking into account the thorough and expensive preparation of Arbirate com, we are happy to join cooperation with it and advise our partners to take a closer look at this asset. We wish our readers success and remind you that for this project we are paying a deposit bonus, which you can order immediately after creating a deposit.

The website officially knew on 5/11 and currently has 12 days passed with the plan “6.2% daily for weekdays and 3.1% daily for weekends for 21 days”. Site paid about 62% capital, if you join from the start. Maybe it’s too late for you guys to like safety at the moment, but I think this is a good project so I think it’s not a scam from the first round but can go on for a few more rounds or take a very long time . But hyip has unforeseen risks, I personally invested in this project this morning

 We only introduce to investors projects we invest in according to their own capital allocation. Me and do not take all responsibility when a risk occurs because we ourselves lose money.You should not overinvest the amount you can lose. Motto “Protect capital and generated achievements before taking profit off. future profit “.The investment decision is yours. If you need more detailed information about the project, you can inbox me @ Myhyips24h

Important note: Online investment always has a certain level of risk. Investors should carefully consider the level of risk before making investment decisions

(RCB 700%)
(If you invest 30 USD, you will receive a commission of 2.1 USD)


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