How to start making money with hyip?

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How to start making money in the hyip?How to start making money with hyip? Many people wanting to make money on investments are asking such a question Even after reading a large amount of fact-finding literature, doubts remain. In order not to explain many times in private messages how to start making money, I decided to describe the whole mechanism in a separate article, in which all recommendations will be divided into separate paragraphs. special.

In order not to ask questions, the answers are already on the website, read carefully the page ”  How to make money in HYIP ? The scent, terminology and basic concepts are widely covered there. There you can also find them.” see the extensive review articles in the Beginners section  . “Where you can find out all the pitfalls and subtleties. My recommendations and investor fundamentals can be found in the respective section, it is distinguished by a certain amount. Large amount of necessary information, presented in a small volume – investment theory and information that focuses most on the material section make this part imperative of detailed and thorough research. Be profitable, take the job seriously with this section, which will get you started to succeed and avoid common mistakes.

Never forget the risks! In this business, they are unprecedentedly tall and if you are not ready to keep up with them, you should not invest in projects.

Action algorithm

If you read this, then you have learned the theory and prepared for risk and investment.

Sign up for the mailbox

The next step is to sign up for a new mailbox. This box will only need to be used for investment business and I recommend to use, the fact is that most Internet email services immediately delete messages from investment companies, put them in spam. This happens right on the mail server, as a result you won’t even know about the letters you need. The I recommend option allows you to find systematic messages in the Spam folder and decide for yourself if they are useful. Don’t forget that the password should be strong, after signing up for an account with Google, make sure to double authentication. Such an activity will help prevent hacker attacks on your personal information.

Security care

For each wallet you need to connect further. Protection: SMS or code card or token;

for mailbox also installs added. protect, allow dual authentication in security settings (password + SMS);

in each new project use a new username and password;

The password can be pre-generated and stored in a protected file.

Get the wallet

The next stage is to register an e-wallet in the payment system. Usually such popular electronic payment systems (electronic payment systems) such as:

The  most popular perfect wallet

Be sure to sign up with Perfect Money – Many investment projects work only with them.
The input / output to this system is many times faster than bank cards. And then transfer your PM to any bank card, just use the exchanges described below.

Since 2015, this payment has become the most convenient for cash withdrawals, thanks to the ADVcash bank card.

Withdraw money with perfectmoney after 10 minutes! All thanks to AdvCash bank card    . The same goes for other electronic wallets!

One of the most important payment systems
for e-
Wallet Payeer

This is an equally  popular   PAYEER payment system    There are many options for exchanging and buying from any bank card. All translations are very fast. And also a very nice and convenient website.

During registration, it is necessary to indicate the real data, otherwise verification cannot be passed, otherwise the amount of commission transferred in the system will be much higher than the user who has passed the identity. In addition, in these systems, there are products such as offshore cards that can be successfully used to withdraw cash after passing verification.

Exchange point:

How to buy perfect money? – a very common question.
And here’s the answer: below are the swap points, you can buy / sell PM almost instantly.

The best – High course!
Electronic exchange

In this exchange in just 10 minutes, you can exchange (transfer) your Perfect Cash example to a plastic VISA / Mastercard. And also immediately bought PM and other cryptocurrencies.
IMPORTANT: still changes with   WEBMONEY   !

You can also see favorable exchange rates here:

In order not to incur major losses and gain experience from the very start of your experiment, a small amount of money is the best solution. For the small amount, you will have time to understand the complexities of HYIP registration, deposit and withdrawal. By investing a small amount, you won’t incur significant losses.


Don’t neglect to get information about many Internet resources designed to communicate with your target. If you don’t hesitate to ask, and carefully study and codify the information you receive, you can achieve excellent results in a short time. Agree, this is the main goal.

How to start making money with hyip?

If you have any questions, then you can safely ask me via Telegram account- @ Myhyips24h

I wish you a successful and profitable investment!

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