Meatex Review:Earn 2 percent daily Profit For 15 days

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  • Official launch: 9/9/2021 20:00
  • Plans: 2% daily for 15 days; 3% daily for 35 days
  • Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Stellar, Binance Coin
  • Min invest: 20 $.
  • Min withdraw: 0.000125 BTC; 0.002 ETH; 0.03125 LTC; 62.5 TRX; 0.025 Dash; 20 DOGE; 0.01 BCH; 5 XRP; 20 XLM; 0.0125 BNB; 5 USDT;
  • Profit withdrawal : Instant
  • Profit accrual:: 7 days / week


Project plans are as follows:

  • 2.00% daily for 15 days (principal back)
  • 3% daily for 35 days (principal back)
  • 50% after 20 days (principal back)


If during the project registration, deposit and withdrawal or have any difficulties. Investors can contact directly via Telegram: @Myhyips24h or Gmail:
We will help you quickly

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🇬🇧 Today we present you a project from an experienced admin, the project before him was very good. The project was officially launched on 9/9 and today we introduce it to investors. The project is well prepared, the admin seems to have been preparing for this project for quite some time. But there are certain risks so we put the project in “TRIAL” and invest with the allowed amount. Hyip always takes risks and I always invest with money I can lose

🇻🇳 Hôm nay chúng tôi giới thiệu bạn một dự án đến từ một admin có kinh nghiệm, dự án trước anh ta rất tốt. Dự án ra mắt chính thức ngày 9/9 và hôm nay chúng tôi giới thiệu đến nhà đầu tư. Dự án được chuẩn bị khá chu đáo , admin có vẻ chuẩn bị cho dự án này khá lâu. Nhưng có vài rủi ro nhất định nên chúng tôi cho dự án vào mục “TRIAL” và đầu tư với số tiền cho phép. Hyip luôn rùi ro và tôi luôn đầu tư với số tiền có thể mất

We have 2 investment accounts
+ User: safe79 is the main account of this blog. No investment and only for the purpose of checking downlines and withdrawing project commissions
+ Personal User: This is my investment account

Important note: Online investment always has a certain level of risk. Investors should carefully consider the level of risk before making investment decisions. Should think risk before thinking profit and if you lose this money will not affect you much. Absolutely do not use borrowed money to invest

I recommend reading this article before you invest: My investment strategy and TUTORIAL

(RCB 500%)
(If you invest 30 USD, you will receive a commission of 1.5 USD)

💪 Benefits when you invest hyip with us:

  • You will be added to the margin signal sharing group, Spot Trading and Futures Trading.
    🌐 Channel updates profit:
  • Share free materials on stock technical analysis and other courses
  • Will join a private news portal that provides daily project updates
  • Accompanied by the admin and fully guided on capital management to achieve stable profits and minimize risks
  • You have the opportunity to compete with each other. Top 20 investors will receive 50% of revenue from the website. Small investors can also compete easily. (Plan is expected to be implemented in May 2022)
    🌐 Details:

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