(SCAM) Miny Review: Mining MINY Token up 20 percents per months

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  • Official launch: 28/05/2020 20:00
  • Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
  • Min invest: 0,005 BTC / 0,25 ETH / 0,75 LTC
  • Min withdraw: 0,0015 BTC / 0,075 ETH / 0,25 LTC
  • Profit withdrawal : Manual – up 72h
  • Profit accrual:: 7 days / week


  • Profit 10 – 19% per month
  • Mining package can be release anytime you want with a fee of 5 – 15%
  • All profits of mining are paid with MNY Token
  • Convert MNY Token to BTC, ETH, LTC anytime and instantly

    What is MNY Token?

    The Miny Token is a very important feature and has a huge impact on your earnings! All your profits, i.e. Mining Rewards and Commissions, are paid in Miny tokens. These can be exchanged in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at any time. Based on these conditions, and guided by a mathematical formula, the price of each Miny token will range between $8.50 and $15 12 months after the offer period closes.

    There are only 50.000.000 Miny Tokens available with a fixed market cap of $50M which is 100% backed. And every time our users make an exchange, those Miny Tokens are burned, leading to a secure increase in price value

What does it mean for you?

Keep your profits in Miny Tokens to benefit from multiplication of your earnings!

According to price history, MNY growth averages 1.5% per day

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The website officially opened to investors on May 10, 2020, I saw it at launch, the project could be announced from 2018.I watched it 10 days, today I decided to start What I like about the project is that the admin’s expectation is to limit the number of first registrations when it reaches 1000 users will stop for registration or tomorrow will expire registration and no registration The second thing is that the ref line is entitled to the interest of downline investors with 20 levels that will attract more leaders to participate. The starting point is 1usd and when investors trade it will burn, so its value will increase in the future.Fourth thing is that the site allows to withdraw at any time with the first 2 weeks of 15% and starting from the first day of the 3rd week (15th day) is 10% and from 29th onwards it is 5%, if you withdraw the original, you must pay the lowest rate of 5%, overall I find you difficult want to withdraw my base because it will lose a lot for only c That new leader has a lot of profits and investors have a hard time wanting to withdraw, I feel the project can last. The fifth thing is that the project posted on the world news page does not have to talk about hyip is CNN. com, Bloomberg, Forbes. And it shows that the admin is enthusiastic about this project and the cost is too high. Actually I don’t like the .cc web extension very much, but I think I can join, for All projects are equal and have risks, so I participate in 1ETH with acceptable risks We only introduce to investors projects we invest in according to their own capital allocation. Me and do not take all responsibility when a risk occurs because we ourselves lose money.You should not overinvest the amount you can lose. Motto “Protect capital and generated achievements before taking profit off. future profit “.The investment decision is yours. If you need more detailed information about the project, you can inbox me @ Myhyips24h

=>Information on other monitors: ISP, HYIPLogsHZ, HyipBoxHYIP Space 

Important note: Online investment always has a certain level of risk. Investors should carefully consider the level of risk before making investment decisions

(RCB 500%)
(If you invest 50 USD, you will receive a commission of 2.5 USD) widget for


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