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If you are an investor new to our team. Do not rush to invest now and take a look at the 10 most recent projects on our blog. Considering the winning rate is how much and then make investment decisions later. We have 4 investments  “MID TERM” “LONG TERM” “LEADER HYIP” “TRIAL” with different winning rates☺️


  • So that your investment can make a profit. We recommend that you divide your capital at least 15 equal parts
  • Join as soon as we post referral, at least 3 days
  • There is a reasonable stop after the first round ends, if you want to reinvest then only use your profit
  • Regularly take profit and loss statistics to take measures or contact us
  • Do not invest in projects we have introduced for a long time, if you are a new and inexperienced investor.
  • Should only invest hyip with perfect money (PM) or with coins, you should choose LTC and TRX because the transaction fee is very cheap. Do not invest hyip in USDT or BTC…. because they have very high transaction fees
  • Regularly update the “OUR INVESTMENT” section, to make the right decisions
  • SHORT HYIP: are projects that we do not appreciate highly. New investors should not participate, only for experienced investors.
  • Do not reinvest many times in a certain project, if you are new, not experienced
  •  Do not invest all your money in a project, should divide your capital into at least 15 parts
  • You should be serious about it. Should not like to sometimes invest in a certain project, because the risk is very high. Should focus on dividing money for many different projects
  • Reinvest the project up to 50% of the profit from the previous investment round
  • Don’t give up when you just invested and get scammed, my strategy will summarize after 1 month or after investing 15 projects
  •  Regularly withdraw project interest every day

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