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🇬🇧Currently, we have 2 types of investment: HYIP and NOT HYIP

✅HYIP: are high-risk investment projects, carefully selected by us with 5 levels of risk. Sorted from most prestigious to lowest: LONG TERM ⏩MID TERM,HOURLY PLAN ⏩ LEADER HYIP ⏩ PREMIUM LISTING ⏩TRIAL ⏩ SHORT TERM

Based on the above arrangement, depending on how patient you are, you can wait for a good project to invest or want to have a project every day or every week to have a project. It goes hand in hand with the investor’s level of risk of losing money

+ SHORT HYIP: These are good projects, but with high interest rates and a very high risk of losing money. Investors should join as soon as possible to minimize risks and should only invest with money that can be lost without much impact on you.

+ MID HYIPs: are projects that can generate returns with medium low risk (Satisfy between 70% and 79% of my assessment criteria). This project is highly stable and managed by experienced admins. Usually these projects can be multiple rounds and some cases 1 round. All projects hyip scams so manage your capital well

+ LONG HYIPs: are projects that can generate profits with low risks (Meet from 80% to 89% of my evaluation criteria). This project is highly stable and run by an experienced admin and their budget is big. Often this project has a long lifespan and sometimes they will scam early because of unforeseen external effects. Not too confident in a project and forgetting to manage your capital

+ PREMIUM LISTING: These are the projects where we receive advertisements from admins. You can consult investment. But not for profit, every project will receive advertising indiscriminately

+ HYIP LEADER: These are projects recommended to me by experienced investors. Coming from the admins of other famous blogs or longtime investors. If you have good project can contact me. If we feel good, will register and invest under your referral link

+ HOURLY PLAN: If you like to invest in fast hour projects. We meet your needs, by providing good hourly projects that tend to run for a long time. In this type of project, it is not recommended to invest more than 50usd at a time and can reinvest many times before the previous investment round is over

+ TRIAL: These are good projects with acceptable risks. In this category we only invest with the allowed amount, in line with our capital management. Investors can choose and decide their own investment. Remember to read the hyip project review in each introduction, before deciding to invest. Project quality is not as good as other categories. But we try to achieve a ratio of 7/3 (7 win/3 loss) in 10 projects. If you manage your capital well, you can still be profitable in this portfolio

NOT HYIPs: These are projects that do not scam you lose money but there is a risk that you will lose money. In this section we will introduce investors to the bots automatically trade, help you find good profits and do not need any experience. We have carefully censored before introducing investors
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