What is Hyip? Investing in the right HYIP? How HYIP project works

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What is Hyip?

What is a Hyip? A high yield investment program  is a highly profitable program that guarantees investors a return of 10% or more. This is a financial pyramid – funds are often not monetized and profitability is guaranteed by redistributing new entrants on deposits between participants. Other options are possible, but the nature of HYIP investments remains the same: investors seek high returns and are forced to bear equally high risks of losing money.

     Absolutely all  HYIP PROJECTS  may be considered fraudulent. Quite a lot of successful startups need investment at an early stage, but there is no guarantee that the project will be successfully implemented in the future, can also function in this capacity. The main thing every investor should know about this type of investment: you may and may even need to earn once or twice, but you shouldn’t consider them a long-term project.

     It is quite simple to clearly distinguish a scam HYIP investment offer, which is an inexpensive design, high-return text, but no specifics. Potential investors were invited to contribute, they even submitted an alleged earnings report, but by the time of the capitalization and settlement period, the fund simply disappeared!

     Worth to understand : HYIP is truly trustworthy and deserves consistently high quality and detailed reporting, a solid website, reputation, positive publications, and feedback from analysts. However, the classical financial pyramids are also the most obvious example of HYIP investment. The basis of their work is the principle of a common withdrawal desk: all participants deposit money, and then, after a while, receive them back at interest. In this case, the first payment is made at the cost of the next deposit. It is worth noting that the pension system, banking services for depositors and other areas in which there is a gap in the financial flow operate under the same principles in our country.

     The main downside of HYIP investment is the  great risk of losing money, so none of the people involved in those projects are safe.

     What are the advantages of the Hyip project?

  1. During the operation of the financial pyramids, depositors’ money does not exceed their limits (for example, they cannot invest in loans, stocks, etc.).
  2. All investors understand that they are dealing with a risky run – a pyramid. And it is precisely the risk that they get high interest rates.
  3. The pyramid works well, contrary to popular belief, is quite stable. If the HYIP investments deliver real returns, new investors come to the project, give it finance. Old investors, make a profit, invest partly in the pyramid, ensuring its continued functioning.
  4. High level of liquidity, which helps distinguish HYIP from investments in mutual funds or trading accounts.
  5. Capability to capitalize interest.

     Today on the Internet, you can find a large number of HYIP investments that bring great returns to everyone who invests in them.

“How real these promises are, the unpredictable fact due to some characteristic features of HYIP investment. A careful study can still distinguish a real income-generating program from fraud. “

How to define a high-quality hype project?

     To determine how high-quality and reliable a HYIP investment project is, it is necessary to carefully study the following criteria:

  • Quality of Internet resources  . You should pay attention to all its factors: design and content, presence of detailed trustworthy contact information, tools and website protection against hacking and DDOS attacks.
  • Money transfer options . It’s best if you can enter money into a hype project in many popular ways (Webmoney, Internet bank, plastic card), and not just through a payment system.
  • The most varied details of the show launches and promotions .
  • The show’s real and promising returns . Promising large earnings already in the early development of a project can also be one of the main signs of fraud. 
  • The length of the period in which the funds are invested .
  • Rate of investment plan available in the program.  Using them is pretty easy to calculate a scammer, as they come up with a plan of eye-stealing, if only to quickly get the maximum number of participants involved.
  • Available information on payments  , continuously announcing project activities.
  • Technical support work . This criterion is easy to verify: just ask the question you’re interested in many times and estimate the consultant’s response time.
  • Project support.  In the process of implementation, the program needs to constantly evolve, and not just attract and pay. If the project is not advertised anywhere, not promoted or improved, that means it will be closed in the near future.

It’s interesting: Investor’s day

     Every investor that keeps track of his or her deposit should perform a number of activities on a regular basis. Here are some of them:

  1. Go to the website of the project where his money is invested, apply for a fixed deposit withdrawal or accumulate interest.
  2. Transfer received money into EPS.
  3. If necessary, exchange money between the two electronic payment systems.
  4. To decide on the need for a re-investment of a project.

All of these actions take two hours a day from strength. In fact, you can get into investing without going away from your main job, or in the evening after.”

How to Build an Investment What is HYIP?

     One or two people may be enough to organize such a project. But if you open up HYIP, it’s not difficult, you will have to put in a lot of effort to promote it. To attract real investors who will bring real money to the project, you will have to seriously give it a try. Advertising usually happens on the Internet, in forums where users discuss them. Various tricks are used: stories of investment successes, taking screenshots with payments, answers to the skeptic’s questions. In addition, a referral program to attract customers is used: the forum poster will add a link to the hype in his signature. And he gets a percentage for everyone who clicks the link and signs up.

The HYIP investment project creation and promotion plan could be as follows:

  1. The administrator (the creator of the project) launches it and hires the first agents to promote.
  2. Attract new investors.
  3. When making each contribution to the HYIP investment system, the administrator will take a portion of the profits, pay the agents fees and distribute the rest to the depositors’ accounts.
  4. The acceleration period ends, investors withdraw their money and receive their first return.
  5. A new influx of investors has just started, heard about the success of HYIP investing, and many of the early adopters are making a return.

     Understand that this type of income is not as easy as it appears. Many users know a lot of sad stories regarding the development of HYIP, and thus refer to them as either a lottery or a game of chance. That’s why among the secrets to being successful investing in HYIPs, you can take note of:

  • The managers participating in the HYIP project are among the first to receive the greatest benefit;
  • it is better to choose flexible investment plans and withdraw funds before it is clear HYIP is in the works;
  • HYIP investment in a project should be done once;
  • existence of any reliable communication and documentation – a clear plus program for high yield investment;
  • HYIP investments should only be made when you have really free money.

     Even if you praise all of these criteria, no one can guarantee you big profits and profits. Therefore, absolutely should not accumulate all into the project. It is better to use a fairly reliable principle of diversifying investments. If you prefer investing with high returns, we recommend that you, in addition to HYIP investments, invest in the trading accounts of the companies presented on our website. They will give you good income and, in addition, will help offset losses if you choose the wrong HYIP project.

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