What is SCAM and when is the project going to scam?

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What is SCAM and when is the project going to scam

  1. How is the word SCAM translated?
  2. Hacking project administrator account
  3. Project employee or trader error
  4. How to spot a scam quickly?
  5. The signs of fraud are imminent

How is the word SCAM translated?

Immediately start with the definition. SCAM – English for frauds and scams . This is an investment tool that for some reason has fulfilled its obligations to investors. The concept of SCAM is mainly found among hypers (high return investment programs). When the advertising stopped paying the customer, it was said that he chased after him.

The reasons for these possible scams are the following:

Hacking project administrator account

ATTENTION! After a hack, the site administrator posted a notice about the termination of payment due to hacking and stealing all the money. It is very difficult and almost impossible to prove a corpse.

Project employee or trader error

The project board chooses a scapegoat – one of the traders / staff. Alleged through his fault, the investor’s money was lost. The perpetrator’s name was never called. Example: IC Gamma.

Problems from banks, partners, payment systems

When payments to investors ended, the project management announced that payments could no longer be due to the blocked wallet or the lack of a bank guarantee. Example: FX Stabilization.

Since the definition of a scam is a scam, it is easy to understand as follows: there really is no force majeure like hacking accounts, blocking wallets and errors of traders. This is a purely exaggerated reason. Sometimes the project administrator doesn’t bother with any explanation, just turns off the website.

How to spot a scam quickly?

You must be able to recognize the potential for fraud. For example, the absence of real transaction confirmations in the project you are interested in can act as a prominent sign.

The signs of fraud are imminent

SCAM usually does not occur on its own, it precedes a number of symptoms:

  • Technology. problems with project site, crash and dos attack. The webmaster understands that scam will happen soon so it stops optimizing the website and its development.
  • Loss of feedback and technical support. As described above, administrators are no longer interested in developing a project and attracting investors.
  • Problems with withdrawals. Usually, an interbank transfer takes 6 bank days. It is too early to cause confusion before this time expires. Though inexperienced investors for a few days began to worry and bomb governments with payment requests.
  • Unreasonable increase in project profits. Predicting fraud, the government began large-scale action to attract investors’ capital. They are offered unprecedented returns and attractive new investment terms.
  • The emergence of negative reviews about the project on the thematic forums. People write about delays in withdrawals, about bad government work, support services. The scam will be up to the administrator – whether they are determined to keep working and correct defects or they will wave and defend the project.
  • Reduce the number of unique visitors to the website. When the traffic drops, it directly indicates that less attention is paid to the website. To see traffic, look at the counter at the bottom of the page. It happens that the counters are hidden, but it’s not hard to figure out the attendance stats. Make a request like “find out traffic to the website” and the system will give you many options.

The above skam approach signs are the most common. But there are projects that seem quite successful and are visited, suddenly lost and disgraced. At the same time, other sites that show these signs of persistence.

Conclusions can be drawn as follows:

  1. trust intuition;
  2. closely follow the diversification of investment portfolios;
  3. keep track of news of selected projects;
  4. read investor forums;
  5. Follow investor’s 10 golden rules.

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